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MeasureUp aligns with the UK Treasury’s new definition of social value as the “wellbeing of the population” value. Helping you evidence the difference you're making in the world - properly.

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Our mission: Revolutionise social value reporting

We know how hard it can be to capture meaningful data and accurately measure the difference you’re making in people’s lives. 

Traditionally, you’ll see proprietary standards that tuck away valuable public data, research and helpful resources behind expensive paywalls.

Well, that doesn’t sit right with us. 

We, as a group of social value practitioners (Impact Reporting, State of Life and PRD), decided to come together and build a better alternative. 

One that’s open to all, freely available, and transparent about how values are being sourced or generated. 

One that offers a user-friendly entry point, as well as a pathway to more complex, precise measurement practices for those who want it.

One that prioritises the experience and testimony of people as a fundamental pillar for understanding impact in a more meaningful way.

Above all, one that’s not barricaded behind paywalls, yet is capable of withstanding the most rigorous scrutiny.

Introducing MeasureUp: Always accessible. Transparent and reliable. Forever free.

Social value good

Fed up with puzzling over standards of evidence and doubting the process or outcomes? We’ve been there too. That’s why we collaborated with economists nationwide, meticulously examining and consolidating what matters – so you don’t have to. There’s a clear signpost to a way to value the most common things organisations are doing, with more on the way. It’s not one-size-fits-all, so you can pick a path that works for you, whether a quick and easy estimate or a more robust measurement practice. 

Aligned with WELLBY

Many of MeasureUp’s outcomes are based on WELLBY, the wellbeing valuation method endorsed and used by the HM Treasury (from the Green Book’s wellbeing guidance from 2021). Some of the team members behind MeasureUp are the same who worked with the Treasury, developing an approach that provides a solid framework for measuring and evidencing social value. We’ve painstakingly sifted through the data, scrutinised the assessments, and enhanced the attribution of the collected values against not just WELLBY but other thoroughly vetted and publicly available sources.

Forever free

MeasureUp is the only measurement and valuation approach of its kind currently available for free. And the plan is to keep it that way – forever. Here’s an easy way to estimate the value of your social and environmental activities, view suggestions on which reporting or procurement categories they fit into best, and how to best gather evidence on that social value taking place. With no hidden charges, no paid subscriptions, and full disclosure of all sources. We’re driven to make social value reporting accessible to everyone. 

MeasureUp is ideal for those…

Eager to take their first steps in social value impact measurement and reporting but need some guidance on where to start.

Who finds the number of measurement methods and costly solutions confusing, and would prefer to trust an impartial set of social value metrics providing a clear and concise pathway.

Businesses who want better transparency in their planning, bidding or procurement projects.

Who wants to better evidence their positive impact on societal wellbeing in alignment with the 2020 and 2021 Treasury Green Book updates and the latest UK Government’s definition of social value.

Want to capture real evidence, testimonials or lived experiences from real beneficiaries on whether these efforts made their lives better – and use this information to deliver even better social value in the future

How to get started

1. Select outcomes and activities

Select the social and environmental goals you want to achieve (or avoid) and the actions required to reach these objectives.

2. Choose your level

MeasureUp provides values at different levels of accuracy. Decide which grade level you are working towards – Bronze, Silver, Gold or Gold+.

3. Gather your data

Collect the data to calculate at the level you are aiming for. Calculate your value estimation for your activities and outcomes.

4. Analyse and action

Analyse your results. Better understand your impact and where you can improve. Report against the appropriate procurement or SDG categories.

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